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Grover Beach was originally known as Town of Grover, which was founded on August 1, 1887. The town was named for its founder, D.W. Grover.

Grover filed his plans at the San Luis Obispo County Court House and eventually founded what was to be known as City of Grover City. There was a popular vote that allowed incorporating on December 21, 1959 as City of Grover City. However, the name seemed redundant so some people sought better names, especially ocean-oriented names. In 1992, there was another popular vote, in which the town’s name was officially changed from “City of Grover City” to “Grover Beach” to emphasize the seaside location.

The Grover Beach Amtrak station is the only train station in the 5 Cities area and is located at the intersection of Grand Avenue and State Highway 1, adjacent to Pismo State Beach. Amtrak buses depart from the stop situated directly across the tracks. San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority operates additional bus lines that run from Grover Beach to most cities in San Luis Obispo county, as well as Santa Maria.

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